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Split Box Springs

I have experience delivering mattresses for Sofa & Mattress Outlet. A very frustrating part of this experience is when we would arrive to deliver that new queen or even full size mattress and boxspring only to find that the box spring will not make the turns in a house to go upstairs. This is a common problem. Many architects do not consider moving furniture and sofas around when they design homes and apartments. I have been in brand new places where we have had problems. The older dwellings also have problems with mattress and box spring installations because the size of mattresses have morphed larger. In fact, since the early Twentieth Century, mattresses have gotten larger. A queen size mattress, even a king size mattress, will allow a certain amount of "give" when going through doorways, around corners and up a set of stairs. Whether you have need a full size, queen size or king size bed, split box springs offer a practical solution to several problems.

A box spring or mattress foundation has no such 'give' flexibility. In order to move a king size king size bed through the average house or apartment, the box spring or foundation is split into two pieces. Splitting the foundation makes moving the bed much easier. Using a split box spring or split foundation has another very important advantage. The point at which the box springs meet forms a very strong center support point for the mattress.

Some people also need to have their queen size box spring split into two pieces to move it top where it goes. The same goes for the full or double size. The problem you might have is very few stores stock a queen size split boxspring and almost no stores stock a full size split boxspring. We do and we can ship out either of these to you in three business days. Our carrier will add a few days getting them to you but we can beat most retail stores in price and speed of delivery.

Mattress foundations such as traditional box springs have been around since the late eighteen hundreds. A sturdy box spring or other type of foundation is essential to supporting the mattress. Even the best mattress will not function well without on an inadequate foundation. In today's world of standardized bedding sizes, the use of split box spring foundations has become fairly common.

The innerspring mattress was developed roughly thirty years before the introduction of the box spring. Prior to the box spring, a mattress may have been supported by only an interlaced cradle made of rope. As a result, the mattress would sag and the sleeper would sag with it. Another common support system for mattresses was an open spring design. The open springs were unsightly, heavy and often were not adaptable to other frame styles. The introduction of the enclosed box spring, combined with standardized bedding sizes, opened up an entirely new market for different bed frame designs.

Simply put, a box spring acts as a flexible torsion support for a mattress. What makes a box spring different from other support systems is the fabric cover, referred to as ticking. The average twin size box spring typically contains between forty and eighty and coil springs. The individual coils are interlaced with connecting wire to further stabilize the coils. The coil spring assembly is mounted to a wooden frame and cover with a thin layer of padding and ticking. The fabric may or may match the fabric used for the mattress. Matching the fabric is done primarily for aesthetic reasons.

In addition to making moving easier and creating a more sturdy sleep system, there are several other reasons why a split box spring or split foundation makes good, practical sense.

Since sleeping preferences can be very different for many couples, a split bed can have some significant advantages. For example, if one person like the feel of a firm mattress and the other prefers a softer feel, using two different mattresses can be a very practical and economical solution. Using a quality bed connector system forms a single bed and provides couples to individualize their sleeping preference. Depending on the cost of a traditional mattress and foundation, splitting a bed can be less expensive than purchasing a comparable air adjustable bed. The use of a connector system, the gap between the mattresses is eliminated.

In an odd cultural phenomenon reflected in popular television shows of the nineteen fifties, many married couples would employ two twin size beds. For normal sleeping purposes the beds would remain separated. When a more conjugal situation was desired, the two beds could be pushed together forming, in essence, a king size bed. Using a connector system, two twin beds can be turned into a king size bed, eliminating the uncomfortable gap that would otherwise exist.

Here is a handy chart of mattress sizes. Please be unconcerned if your mattress does not measure to these specs exactly. There is some variation in mattress sizes and since the mattress top may have added features like a pillowtop, it is hard to measure them exactly. If your mattress falls between two sizes, the safe bet is to order the larger size up. We also offer special size mattress sheets on our sister site, http://www.specialsizesheets.com.